Territorial Governor's Reports

The Territorial Governor for the Sucker Creek Saddle & Gun Club is Riverview Rattler. If you have any questions on current issues, you can call Riverview Rattler at (989)400-1057 or email him at mpjjdon@gmail.com.

☆☆ December 2023 TG BALLOT voting items ☆☆

Below you will find the results of the 2023 voting items for the 2024 season

The following three items were passed. 

ITEM #1. Remove the SDQ penalty for initially staging a long gun with the hammer cocked/action closed with no live round in the chamber.

(verification for rifles- same as for movement from the LT...for shotguns, simply open the action to verify.) [**see Item#2]


ITEM #2. Add shotguns to the current exception for changing location from the loading table to the stage:

Changing location with a long gun with the action closed and the hammer cocked (exception for rifle long guns from the loading table to the stage with no round chambered).


ITEM #3. Remove the subjective verbiage regarding "blocks" from the lever wrap allowance:

Levers may be wrapped or padded with leather or faux leather. or other natural material.

- Filler “blocks” or other such mechanisms designed to prevent all or drastically limit movement of

the fingers within the lever loop are not allowed.

("leather" includes suede..."faux leather" would include anything that looks like leather.)

Riverview Rattler

TG Sucker Creek Saddle & Gun Club