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Cree Vicar Dave's articles (alphabetical order) published in the SASS® Cowboy Chronicle.

1911 Field Strip Stand

A Buckboard Look A like

A Horse That Helped Shape the West

A New Look on an Old Craft

An Imitation Gatlin Gun

A Special Offering for a Special Chapel

Barber Shop Blues

Becoming a Nation of Nannies & Wimps

Bell Ringer

Bump and Run Target

Character Carving

Churning Things Up

Classy Walking Stick

Commissioner of Cowboy Action

Communication Rustler

Dry Boots

Finding Gold

Five String Banjo Story

Getting in Shape

God and Country

Habitat for Ducks

Horse Drawn Road Grader

Inexpensive Dress Shirt Made Easy

In Search of the Perfect Outhouse

Loading/Unloading Tables

Man's Best Buddy

Marked Improvement

Passing on an Inhertance to the Gradkids

Possum Trot

Providence Spring

Restoring a Vintage Airstream Trailer

SASS Chaplain Position

The Ammo Box

The Blacksmith Trade Lives On

The Cross

The Gun Cart

The "John Bull" Steam Locomotive

The Perfect Reflection

The Ride of My Life

The Tie

The Wheelwright

Wash Tub Bass



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