Territorial Governor's Reports

The Territorial Governor for the Sucker Creek Saddle & Gun Club is Riverview Rattler. If you have any questions on current issues, you can call Riverview Rattler at (989)400-1057 or email him at mpjjdon@gmail.com.

Territorial Governor’s Meeting Meeting Minutes - END of TRAIL 2022 - March 3, 2022

In Attendance: 62 Territorial Governors, ROC Members Present: Blackjack Zak, Sassy Dancer, Deuce Stevens, Red River Wrangler, SASS Board Present: C.C. Top, Santa Fe River Stan, Coffee, Flat Top Okie, Razorback Red, Misty Moonshine.

Start- Introductions & Welcome from Blackjack Zak, Chairman of the RO Committee.

Discussion Topics:

Item #1: New Blackpowder SASS Standard

Open discussion surrounding the availability of GOEX powder. The goal is not to lower the BP standard, but to make available several load options with various powders due to the scarcity of GOEX powder. Discussion surrounding .32 caliber being addressed as well.
Action Item: The RO Committee will coordinate the production of several sample rounds with varied powders and bullets. Experiments will be done to determine possible configurations of a new BP standard. The ROC will then work with SASS to establish the verbiage and standard guideline. The item will then return to the TG Body with the results of the experiment to vote on the change once the data is collected.

Item #2: Legalizing the 93/97

Open discussion surrounding the proposed legalization of the 93/97 shotgun. A historical perspective was presented. 200 of these firearms were imported. Competitive advantage? Some concerns that the legalization would snowball into others opening up the port of a ’97 to “match” it. It was determined there is no competitive advantage to the 93/97. Even so, it was voted that due to the limited availability and the “can of worms” perspective, the attending TG’s declined to pursue moving the topic to the TG body for a vote.
No Action.

Item #3: Shooting Gunfighter style in Age based categories

Similar to the current ability to shoot Gunfighter in B-Western, a discussion was had regarding the allowance of shooting Gunfighter in the Age based categories as well. (ie: Junior, Wrangler, 49er, Senior, etc.) – the discussion split into several questions to consider:
- Allowing it in all categories : Discussion around weakening the integrity of the GF category- possibly deeming it irrelevant.
- Allowing it in Junior category (not Buckaroo/Buckarette – Junior Girl/Junior Boy only): To provide a nurturing and encouraging environment for Junior shooters while they are “coming into their own” and could possibly be allowed to shoot numerous shooting styles within the Junior category. Discussion surrounding safety -additional safety supervision is already in place by the parent/guardian- as well as fellow shooters at the Junior Shooter level. Allowing it in the Junior category would also eliminate the expansion of current
Shooting style categories to include (protected) Junior categories in the shooting style categories; causing strain on sanctioned matches and match producers with an already full category listing.
Action Item: The RO Committee will coordinate with SASS officials to establish the proposed verbiage and present the item to the TG body for a vote.

Item #4: Making .22 caliber an “official” category

This item has been discussed/presented previously and is already encouraged/recognized at the local level.
No action.

Item #5: Proposal to remove the verbiage “to avoid a penalty” from the de-cocking verbiage in the Shooters Handbook. (ie: “De-cocking to avoid a penalty…”)

The proposal was discussed and it was determined that there is no need to remove this verbiage; in fact, it is not contradictory at all and has been a longstanding descriptive.

Item #6: SHB/Pocket RO Card corrections

There will be a new version of the SASS Shooters Handbook coming soon- the only edit that is being done is a correction to the Pocket RO card. Two items have somehow made their way off the Pocket RO card in the last few years edits. Simply adding back two items (empty casing on the carrier verbiage and dry firing penalty to include both loading and unloading tables).

OPEN DISCUSSION/TG Questions & Topics:

1- Texas Jack Daniels asked for clarification re: who the “new” Wild Bunch are and who owns SASS.
Misty Moonshine explained the history of the ownership of SASS and the retirement of the Wild Bunch (shareholders/owners). She explained that the Wild Bunch name was retired with those shareholders and that the succession of SASS with their retirement was accomplished as a standard corporate stock redemption. Misty, having been the Wild Bunch member that did not retire, is now the sole owner of SASS. There are no outside investors and no other shareholders. The new SASS Board is an Advisory Board and have no ownership in SASS.
2- Website Update: Misty Moonshine presented an update on the new SASS website and presented it in its current state (on an iPad) for everyone to see. A projected launch date of the new SASS website is set for April 2022.
3- Clarifications Archive: There was some discussion about the accessibility of and incorporation of rule clarifications into the rule books. After a brief discussion, it was determined that the clarifications are simply explanations of the rule(s) in question and don’t warrant inclusion in the book. However- it was decided that should an item be identified as needing clarification often, action should be taken to evaluate the verbiage of the rule in question and edits made to make it easier to understand and eliminate the need for constant clarification.


Riverview Rattler

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