Territorial Governor's Reports

The Territorial Governor for the Sucker Creek Saddle & Gun Club is Riverview Rattler. He would like to have your input on the proposed agenda & discussion items for upcoming TG Summit meetings. You can call Riverview Rattler at (989)400-1057 or email him at mpjjdon@gmail.com.

Rule clarifications presented at E.O.T. 

· Hats: Classic Cowboy/Cowgirl and B-Western (ladies and men) are required to wear hats on their heads, not hanging by a stampede from your string or anywhere else. This is already a rule; just a clarification.

· Carrying of shot shell ammo: Cannot carry ammo on holsters for later use. It is considered illegally acquired ammo.

o   SHB, p. 22, (Range Operations): “The penalty for using "illegally acquired" ammunition (i.e., NOT carried to the line/staged by the shooter in

an approved manner) is a PROCEDURAL. Any targets hit using that ammo are scored as MISSES.

 · Starting in a faulted position: ROI, p. 6, 5.f. (Timer Operator): “The Timer Operator never starts a competitor in a faulted position or

location. It is not considered a faulted position or location for allowing a shooter to start without appropriately loaded guns or available ammunition

on their person.”  The decision has been made and a clarification will be addressed in the ROI handbook that failure on the shooter to start in the

correct starting position or location will be scored a Procedural, not a reshoot.

o   Example of firearm in hands: If the starting position is with a firearm in hands and the shooter starts with the firearm on the table, then it is

scored as a Procedural, not a reshoot. Just because the shooter picks up the firearm after the beep, it is not considered corrected.

· Safety checks: Unloading table officers should check that they can see the follower to ensure there is no ammo in the magazine (rifle and shotguns). Look for rounds in the magazine and have shooter work the action of a ’97.

o   Example: Just because the scenario states to point 1 hand downrange does not mean the shooter can have the other hand on the gun or bend down over the gun, unless stage instructions state otherwise. The other hand must be at SASS default, at side not touching guns and shooter must be standing upright.

· B-Western pistol style: B-Western shooters can change their pistol shooting style in the middle of the pistol string. This is already a rule; just a clarification.

o   Example: Shooter can start shooting gunfighter for 5 rounds, place pistols on table to shoot a long gun and then shoot each gun in a traditional style.

· Wild Bunch: Shooters can shoot Henry Big Boy rifles now.


The proposed parameters and regulations for the "What's the Call" forum were also read for consideration.

That is a "working document" that will be finalized by the WB & ROC.


This is new:  Now after doing the listed starting position, the shooter must standup straight, no slouching or bending.


Re: Convention #9...

9. If no starting position is given, the shooter shall stand upright with revolvers holstered and hands at the

side, not touching any firearm.

Example: Start position is seated on barstool.

Would specifying a "start position" other than the default "standing upright" mean that the shooter may then have revolver(s) out, cocked & pointed at the first target(s) just because it isn't specifically prohibited?

Of course not!

The conventions ALL apply other than the exception...the rest of the statement is still in effect...same as all of the others that are not "otherwise directed" in the stage instructions.


2015 SASS TG Summit

To view the 2015 SASS TG Summit Agenda and Discussion items - click here.


Following are the results of the SASS TG Summit of 2015:

To pass, an item must receive 66% of the votes For. Less than 66% and more than 50%,

means the item failed but can be re-introduced and the next TG Summit as an agenda item.

1) Should the rules be changed to allow the inclusion of "sub-gauge" shotguns such as 28 and 32 gauge for Buckaroos/Buckarettes?

For 99.63%   Against .037   Abstain 00.0%   PASS

2) Should the MSV for retrieval of dropped/ejected ammo be deleted?

For 88.56%   Against 11.07%  Abstain .37%  PASS

3) Should the equipment regulations for GUNFIGHTER-style shooters be changed to allow the "butt forward" carry/Cavalry "twist" draw?

For 83.76%   Against 16.24%   Abstain 00.0%

4) Should the penalty for not holstering revolvers at the end of the revolver shooting string be changed from a MSV to a Procedural penalty?

For 85.61%  Against 14.39%   Abstain


Item # 5  was taken off the voting items, and is going thru the process of being clarified, this was felt a more appropriate way to handle this item.


Riverview Rattler

TG Sucker Creek Saddle and Gun Club