We Need More Docs


Cree Vicar Dave ~ SASS Life/Regulator #49907

Have you ever noticed how many SASS Cowboys there are with the word Doc or DR in their Alias?  I would venture a guess that Doc/DR is the most popular noun/pronoun for a SASS name.

That got me ta thinking.  Most doctors that practiced medicine in the time period that we portray were more interested in the welfare of their patients then in financial gain.  They had a personal relationship with their clients instead of looking at people as a commodity.  Many did their own office work or had a meager staff.

Many of these traits passed on into the first half of the 20th Century.  When I was born Dr Slaw drove some 10 miles out to our farmhouse and waited patiently until I was ready to meet the world.  My mom and dad told me that he played with a baby lamb in our living room to pass the time.  (The lamb was abandoned by its mother so dad bottle fed it in the basement, being it was the dead of winter.)  Even after hours and weekend emergency calls were accepted by most doctors back then.  Doc Slaw was a part of the community and was often seen walking the sidewalks of our small town.  They were family doctors and there wasn’t much they didn’t have an answer for.  If they didn’t know what the trouble was they took it upon themselves to do some research and find out. 

Today is a whole different matter though.  As to my experience with today’s doctors they seem ta be a “one trick pony”.  If they don’t have an answer to your problem they send you off to someone else, one of those specialists not unlike “the Great Oz”.  There are 3 to 6 office workers per doctor in many offices.  Government regulations of today might also require a full time lawyer on hand as well.  If ya call for an appointment you might have ta wait a week or more to get in.  They keep sending letters wanting me ta come in for this or that test so they can collect from the insurance company.  And if you should happen to be so unfortunate as to not be in compliance with their office schedule, tee time or insurance qualification it’s like D.O.A.  When I was a boy most people had faith in Jesus and trusted in God to meet all their needs.  Today it seems people have faith in their doctor and trust in the government to meet their needs.

Also in the mix are Emergency Medical Responders.  I often say there are two types of people you don’t want near your house, firemen and EMR’s.  The first thing a fireman wants to do is chop holes in your roof and ambulance responders seem to enjoy ripping storm doors off their hinges.  (Seen it happen at both my mother-in-law and my dad's place.)  I told The Vicar’s Wife if something happens that I need emergency help, “Don’t dial 911, just put a couple planks up the back of our pickup truck, roll me up into the box and truck me to the hospital.  I’m not going ta pay a large ambulance bill for a five mile ride ta town and then have ta buy a new storm door and install it when I get back home.  ”It says in Psalm 90:10 NRSV, “The days of our life are seventy years, or perhaps eighty, if we are strong; even then their span is only toil and trouble; they are soon gone, and we fly away.”  The way I look at it is my warranty is pretty much used up by now anyway.

So what we need are more SASS Cowboys with Doc/Dr in their aliases.  Hopefully this ole time genre would rub off on today’s physicians so I could find a family doctor who may be truly concerned for my physical welfare.

Hope ta see ya on the trail

God Bless




Photo by Linda Miller