The Tie


Cree Vicar Dave – SASS Life # 49907

Dressing up for many includes the enhancement of the tie. I don’t feel fully dressed in Church without adorning a necktie. In Leviticus 16:3-4 it discusses garments of dress for ministering. So I try to wear my best for worship services. And for Cowboy Action Shooting™ I also dress for the occasion topping it off with a tie. I have bought a few ties in the 1800’s style but the ties made by the Vicar’s Wife attract more attention with favorable comments.

A few old wide ties I had hanging on the tie rack were transformed into cowboy ties. The best ones are the wide 1960’s type, paisley print ties. If you don’t have any ask one of your grandpas or a mature uncle if they have a couple old ties to donate. They would probably be glad to humor you.

Take the tie and tie it the way you want to wear it. I have the outer wide part of the tie hag down around 11 inches or so. The narrow tail part or back side of the tie is then cut off so it doesn’t show, stitched up, then fold the point of the tie up behind and sew it in place. This gives the tie a square cut and a wide appearance at the knot. I pass the tie over the knot to get as wide a look as possible. I hook a small safety pin between the narrow tail of the tie to the back side of the front to keep the knot in place.

Look for inexpensive pierced earrings at Meijers, Walmart, etc. to use as tie tacks. The gaudier the better. You might want to crimp the pin over to avoid a puncture wound.

You will be pleasantly surprised at how well you look for a minimal amount of effort and cash.

God Bless,

Cree Vicar Dave