Inexpensive Dress Shirt Made Easy


Cree Vicar Dave SASS Life # 49907

The shirt is an important part of our dress. In fact Sass rules specifically address what is acceptable and appropriate for Cowboy Action Shooting™ attire. God made the first set of clothes out of skins for Adam and Eve. (Genesis 3:21) Since that time the style has changed through the centuries. In my opinion the late 1800’s achieved the apex of formal dress. Consequently half of the enjoyment for me in participating in our great sport is suiting up for the game.

My uniform is that of a circuit preacher in part because I am a preacher. In the past couple years I have crossed over to dressing exclusively in the 1800’s style. As a result the Vicar’s Wife and I keep a close look out for frugally priced items. But we have been disappointed at times with shirts purchased on line. So we have come up with a great looking dress shirt at a minimal price.

The Vicar’s Wife is a shopper. She finds unbelievable deals quicker than a good bird dog can get on point. She finds long sleeved white dress shirts on sale for around $5.00 each, some even less. The only problem is that they have modern pointed and/or button down collars. But the matter was resolved as follows: If it is a button down collar remove buttons and make a template out of thin cardboard the size of the collar with the radius desired. Next with a pencil mark the radius on each side of the collar. Then leaving around 1/4" seam allowance cut the collar. Next cut back a little on the original stitching. Then form, adjust and pin new round style collar. Finally hand or machine sew. Just like that 19th century style shirt at a fraction of the cost.

In my judgment the shirt looks better than the ones we purchased on line and the fit is much better by far far. If you wear your best duds every day, on the field or just for the Awards Banquet, this is an inexpensive way to acquire dress shirts. Be sure to follow all safety rules when working on projects.


Hope ta see ya on the trail

God Bless,

Cree Vicar Dave