Passing on an Inheritance to the Grandkids


Cree Vicar Dave ~ SASS Life/Regulator #49907

Recently our son-in-law was deployed overseas for the third time.  So our daughter decided to pack up and move back to Michigan for one year along with our two youngest grandkids.  This gave me a great opportunity to introduce the two little buckaroos to “Cowboy Action Shooting”™. 

We started with the basics.  I downloaded the ROI materials from the SASS website and held four separate one hour classes mixing gun safety, book work, proper firearm handling and more book work.  At ages 9 and 11 it’s not easy to stay focused on the ROI material, especially because the vocabulary and expressions are geared to adults.  But we waded through without getting too mired down. 

Next it was out to the range for safe gun handling, loading and unloading etiquette, drawing and reholstering, staging and restaging long guns, use of snap caps, followed by actual stages.  After a few drills and remembering when, where and how to move their feet it all started to come together.  But for the first club match I thought it best to limit the fire power to a pair of Ruger Bearcats and a .22 cal. Rifle.  The .410 double barrel could wait a month.  So there are now two new SASS members:

Lavender Lu #98249

and her big brother,

Hawkeye Han #98248 


L to R - Lavender Lu, Cree Vicar Dave, (uncle) Gold Tooth Dave, SASS #86266, (cousin) Indian Paint Brush, (brother) Hawkeye Han.  Lavender Lu's 1st match. Lavender Lu at the Loading Table with Lucky Lennie, SASS #22244, assisting as the Loading Officer. Lavender Lu clinking the rifle targets as proud grampa runs the timer. Lu zeroing in on the pistol targets.  She got 3 clean stages at her first shoot. Lu with award.  Not everyone gets a Category 1st place at their first shoot.
Pleased grandfather, Cree Vicar Dave with Hawkeye Han gettin' ready for his 1st match Hawkeye Han guarding the Jail with rifle while Riverview Rattler, SASS #67025, keeps time. Deuces Uncle Johnny, SASS #61848, checks Hawkeye's guns at the Unload Table. Hawkeye loving the bang/clang sound made by the Bearcats.  Yes he did hit all the knock down targets.   Yes the joy of victory.  It won't be long before they will be turning better times then grandpa.



Hawkeye Han had ta sit out our first club match of the year.  Seems he was running a little over the speed limit at school recess, encountered a speed bump on the grassy knoll in the play yard, took a tumble and hit the turf smack dab on his right shoulder causing a crack in his collar bone.  On the plus side though, he’s left handed.  So his Cowboy Action debut was delayed a month.  It says in Proverbs 13:22a KJV “A good man leaveth an inheritance to his children’s children,.”  I can’t think of a better way to pass on an inheritance than to teach youngsters about Cowboy Action Shooting™, a God & Country sport. 

They both did very well at their first match considering it was a new sport, with a new set of rules to follow, new guns to learn how to use, new people to meet, new jargon to decipher and an old grumpy grandpa posing as their instructor.  WARNING:  If you are a grandpa and still have your wits about you, and your young grandchildren want to learn “Cowboy Action Shooting”™, palm them off on grandma and stay out of the way.  This would save ya some headaches, but, alas, you would be missing out on the joys of sharing in their victories. 

They both came in 1st place in their category the first time they shot.  There was only one in their category, BUT, I always say about getting an award, “It’s all about choosing the right category.” 

Hope ta see ya on the trail. 

God Bless, 


Photos by: 

The Vicar’s Wife

Indian Paint Brush

Michelle Archer

Cree Vicar Dave