Marked Improvement


Cree Vicar Dave ~ SASS Life Regulator #49907

When something appears to be very difficult to accomplish it is often referred to as:  “It’s like pulling teeth”.  This old adage nails the emotions people go through when they face a large problem.  The metaphor brings to mind a painful process.  Pulling teeth takes a decision by the individual to approve removing one or more teeth, putting up with the pain resulting from said extractions, the healing process and the total cost, including some type of replacement.  I remember both of my parents having all their teeth pulled and wearing dentures by the time they were 50 years old. 

Today however, in my experience, dentists are not so eager to remove a bad tooth.  A few years back I experienced a problem with my front left tooth that led to a root canal.  The filling for the root canal had mercury in it.  After suffering tooth pain and urinary tract infections for some three years I finally talked the dentist into pulling it.  To my delightful surprise other physical ailments that I had been suffering with went away.  For instance; after riding in a car for 50 miles I had trouble standing up straight upon exiting the vehicle, and I had problems seeing at night even with a night light.  I thought it was caused by growing older.  After having the tooth pulled I noticed a marked improvement the very next day.  When I told the dentist he said that he had heard of this but had never seen it before.  (One of my former coworkers experienced mercury poisoning from his teeth fillings to the extent that he had to go on sick leave for quite a spell.  He found out about how some people are affected by mercury fillings.  After having all fillings removed and replaced with non-mercury filling he was back to work in a couple of weeks.) 

When my front tooth was pulled the dentist talked me into a fixed bridge.  The two teeth that were alongside of the missing tooth were ground to a point and the bridge was glued in place.  This worked well for a while, but around three years ago I again started noticing numerous physical problems.  And, as before, I attributed it to getting older.  Things like;

Skin ailments:

Face started feeling like shoe leather, sometimes felt like little needles picking.  Small sores came and went on my legs and feet.   The doctor told me to take calcium pills. 

Stomach problems:

A lot of gas and belching, especially at night, at times it felt like my stomach would explode.  Ten to twelve BMs a day.  Several trips to go wee wee a night, every one to two hours.

The doctor prescribed the usual antacid remedy. 

Loss of energy:

All last winter I felt like doing nothing.  I usually work in my wood shop and load ammo but I got so that all I wanted to do was sit in my chair.  Again thinking it must be that I’m getting older. 


Then around five months ago the two teeth that held my bridge in place started hurting and the light bulb came on.  There was a caustic substance leaking out of those teeth at the gum line that caused the tip of my tongue to burn when exposed to it overnight.  There was a sharp pain when pressing on the gum above each tooth.  I made four trips to my dentist office in four months and between the two dentists in that complex they did everything but what I asked them to do.  I wanted those two teeth pulled but they refused to do it.  Now-a-days trying ta get a dentist ta extract a tooth, “Is like pulling teeth”.  They wanted me to have root canals.  I said, “No way, been there, done that”.  So finally I was referred to an Oral Surgeon, PRAISE GOD!!!!  This Doctor (Oral Surgeon) actually listened to me and saw the state of pain that I was in.  He pulled the two teeth three weeks ago.  I’m now working in my woodshop most week days, teaching my grandkids about Cowboy Action Shooting™, the BMs are greatly reduced, the skin problems are going away, the gas/belching at night is gone and I can now actually sleep four to six hours a night without making a trip to the bathroom.  I clocked 6 full hours of sleep last night and 7 hours the night before.  Go figure. 

 It says in 1 Corinthians 12:26 (NIV),  
If one part suffers, every part suffers with it; if one part is honored, every part rejoices with it.”

I have found this to be very true.  The rest of my body is now rejoicing that those teeth were removed. 

I’m NOT A DOCTOR, I don’t play a doctor on TV and I don’t even have a Doctor alias.  But I know what it feels like when parts of my body are not functioning properly, and just maybe there are other people out there that just maybe are experiencing similar problems that just may or may not be connected to teeth and/or dental work.  I found out about this after the fact by Googling, on the WEB, the different teeth problems that I was suffering with.  I found what was causing all the suffering and I found out that there are many others who are also experiencing similar problems after having similar dental work done.


It’s now been three weeks since the teeth were removed and there is a “Marked improvement” each day.  I’m looking forward to the first Cowboy shoot at our Club this year.  If I get ta feelin’ much better I’ll have ta start shootin’ in the 49er Category.  I was thinking of getting an upper partial plate but the place where those two teeth used to be feels sooooo good, I think I’ll wait and let the rest of my body rejoice with my gums for a little while longer. 

I wonder how many old timers are forced into assisted living because of health problems produced by teeth that a dentist refused to pull. 

Hope ta see ya on the trail.

God bless,


Photos by:

Indian Paintbrush  &  Cree Vicar Dave