Dry Boots


Cree Vicar Dave – SASS Life # 49907

Don’t know bout you but after a day’s shoot of five or six stages my boots are somewhat soggy from perspiration. In Proverbs 4:26-27 it encourages to make level paths for your feet and to keep your feet from evil. We all know what bad things can happen to your feet if you wear wet boots. Some boot makers recommend alternating boots from day to day to allow the leather to dry out. There are boot driers available but they require electricity or LP gas to operate which is not always on hand

I have come up with an easy, economical solution to the problem that is very portable and petit. Two battery operated RV refrigerator fans. They are easily transported and can be used in the camper, motel room or at home. They can be purchased at RV camping supply stores or catalogs.

At the end of the day’s shoot, I simply remove my boots, lay them down on their sides and place an RV refrigerator fan on its side about half way up the shaft of each boot with the top of the fan blowing into the boot. The circulating air helps freshen and dry out the boots over night. I was pleasantly surprised at how well this process worked out at the last shoot I participated in. It required three days being shod with cowboy boots. Each RV fan is powered by two "D" cell batteries that last quite a spell, especially if you don’t forget to remove them when not in use.

Remember to shoot straight, make level paths for your feet and keep your boots dry.

Cree Vicar Dave