Bump and Run Target


Cree Vicar Dave – SASS Life #49907 

Challenging and unique Cowboy Action Shooting™ targets fascinate me.  When I imagine a target or come across one that arouses interest, my mind runs the numbers to see if it would be plausible to build.  It says in Proverbs 17:24 “A discerning man keeps wisdom in view, but a fool’s eyes wander to the ends of the earth.”  I enjoy the allure of new types of action targets but one must practice circumspect.  An old adage suggests there is a fine line between a genius and an idiot.  One must be on guard so as not to be spellbound to the point of foolishness.

The “Bump and Run” target consists of two 18”x18” targets, a barn door sliding track, two track trolleys, assorted steel parts and 2”x8” treated wood protective face boards.  The left target is hinged on the bottom and has a spring-loaded chain attached to it.  It is engaged first.  When it is hit, it falls back against a stop to disengage a latch holding the second target in place.  The spring-loaded chain then activates the latch.  When the latch is opened, it allows this second target to roll down the incline on the barn door track.  There are two trolleys with a steel plate around three eights inch by four inch by sixteen inch attached to and hanging from the trolleys.  Then another steel plate of the same type joins this to the target by bolts.  The bolts use jam nuts and are connected loosely to allow the target to swing.  The more angle on the barn door track the faster the target moves.  Length of travel and slope is to one’s own discretion.  There is a device at the end to absorb the kinetic force.  A coil spring was installed in the latch system to get the second target moving consistently.

Rope and pulleys were used to reset target for convenience.  Wood was installed over the critical parts to minimize damage to operating parts.  The second target hangs down as far as possible to keep the line of fire away from the track, etc.

This type of target could have the barn door track set level and utilize some type of power device to operate the second target.  But this would require additional headwork, expense and maintenance.

Remember to always be prudent when building and using targets and follow all safety and health rules.  Keep the “Action” in Cowboy Action Shooting™.  If you have an idea about a project for Cowboy Action send me a line.

Targets & props are, as always, “Build and use at your own risk”.

Hope ta see ya on the trail

God Bless

Cree Vicar Dave