A Special Offering for a Special Chapel


Cree Vicar Dave ~ SASS Life #49907


At our last monthly shoot we decided to take up an offering for the Cowboy Memorial Chapel at Founders Ranch, New Mexico.  Riverview Rattler, our Vice President SASS #67025, was our match director.  (Our board members take turns each month fulfilling the role of match director.)  When our secretary, the Vicar’s Wife, sent out an email a week ahead of our shoot it was mentioned that we would be taking up a collection for the Cowboy Memorial Chapel.  Our club, “Sucker Creek Saddle & Gun Club”, holds monthly shoots on the 3rd Saturday, May through October.  We usually average around fifty shooters per match, last month there was a couple less than 50.

Opening at Sucker Creek Saddle & Gun Club.  A pledge to the flag and a prayer to the Lord our God.   Left to right, Chaplain Cree Vicar Dave, Vice President Riverview Rattler & President Kid Al Fred conducting the opening ceremony at Sucker Creek.  The special offering for the SASS Cowboy Memorial Chapel added up to $110.00.

Our shoots always start with a pledge to the Flag and a prayer to the LORD our God.  After the prayer I quoted Psalm 122:1 NIV that says, “I rejoiced with those who said to me, “Let us go to the house of the LORD.”  A brief update was given on the progress of the CMC.  The offering was then taken up by two youth ushers, Crazy Nate, SASS #78754 and Garrett Radosa, a brass rat and grandson of our President Kid Al Fred SASS #31978, each carrying a blue bucket for the collection.  When the Special offering was counted our Treasurer & Webmaster Wolverine Wrangler, SASS #22963, informed us that there was $110.00 given for the Special Chapel.

Left to right, Ushers Garrett Radosa and Crazy Nate took up the Special offering for the Cowboy Memorial Chapel.    Treasurer & Webmaster Wolverine Wrangler does a great job on our Web Site.  If you have never logged onto our Web Page you are missing out on his professional work, I have yet to see a better site.
Riverview Rattler and The Vicar's Wife taking care of the scores. The Vicar's Wife is our secretary & runs our "steam driven" computer that determines the outcome of the match.   Our club has several permanent stages.  The Sucker Creek Community Church was one of the first to be built.

Some may be thinking that the Founders Ranch is a long ways away and I’ll probably never get there ta see the Cowboy Memorial Chapel so why should I donate to the fund.  Well let me say this:  I’ve been a member of SASS for a decade now and I haven’t been to End of Trail yet.  Not because I wouldn’t want to, but because of the distance and cost of the trip to Founders Ranch.  I’m just an average shooter who loves the adventure of Cowboy Action Shooting™.  I enjoy our sport not just for the shooting part of it but also because of the God and Country aspect of it.  Therefore a place of worship at Founders Ranch is a given just as it was in an Old West Town.

Someday I hope ta get on over to Founders Ranch and see the finished Chapel, maybe even shoot at EOT, but it says in James 4:15b, The Amplified Bible, “If the Lord is willing, we shall live and we shall do this or that [thing].”  So if the Lord is willing I will travel over to Sass Headquarters.  But in the meanwhile I will continue to promote the Special Cowboy Memorial Chapel at Founders Ranch and take up a special offering for it whenever I get a chance.

I would hope that your club would take up a special offering for the Cowboy Memorial Chapel at one of your monthly shoots this year to help bring this Special Chapel to fruition.  Just pass the hat and let each person give what they decide in their heart to give.  A special thank you to all the Cowboys and Cowgirls at all the clubs who have donated to this Special Cowboy Memorial Chapel project.

Hope ta see ya on the trail.

God bless,


Photos by:  Wolverine Wrangler, Kid Al Fred, Linda Miller & Cree Vicar Dave