The New Pavilion - 2010

Thanks to the engineering talents of Cree Vicar Dave and Gold Tooth Dave

On Friday, April 23rd, Cree Vicar Dave, Kid Al Fred and Wolverine Wrangler took down the frames for the tents that use to cover the picnic tables and then laid out the lines for the new pavilion.



On "Work Day - April 24th", Saturday, the construction team dug the holes for the 4x6 poles with the help of Mt. Forest Ron's post hole digger and a borrowed tractor from a friend of Riverview Rattler.  The posts were aligned with the strings, leveled and secured in place.  The header boards were nailed at the determined height.  Meanwhile, Mt. Forest Ron made good use of the tractor with the bucket by moving some much needed dirt.


THANKS to the "work day" construction crew:  Cree Vicar Dave, The Vicar's Wife, Gold Tooth Dave, Isaac LaBeau, Kid Al Fred, Mt Forest Ron, Riverview Rattler, Wolverine Wrangler and Lady Bluebird.

Thanks to Spring Valley Cathy for preparing a great Lunch.  Thanks to Lady Bluebird for bringing out the lunch and to Lady Bluebird and The Vicar's Wife for serving it.


On Wednesday, April 30th, Cree Vicar Dave, Isaac LaBeau and Wolverine Wrangler finished putting up the header board and added the corner and middle braces to the pavilion framework.  The end trusses were hoisted in place and secured.


On "Work Day - May 1st", Saturday, the construction crew prepared the framework to receive the trusses.  The trusses were raised and secured while the 2x4s were being prepared for the roof.  Framing for the metal roof was attached.

THANKS to the "2nd work day" construction crew:  Grizzly Bear Pete, Cree Vicar Dave, The Vicar's Wife, Gold Tooth Dave, Isaac LaBeau, Indian Paint Brush, Square Shake Lake, Spring Valley Cathy, Kid Al Fred, Mt Forest Ron, Riverview Rattler, Wolverine Wrangler and Lady Bluebird.

Thanks to Square Shake Lake and Spring Valley Cathy for another great lunch!


On Tuesday, May 4th, Cree Vicar Dave, Gold Tooth Dave and Isaac LaBeau got an early start.  They were soon joined by Wolverine Wrangler, Kid Al Fred and Riverview Rattler.  The 2x4s that support the roof were cut off on both ends of the pavilion.  T's were add to the 2x4s for added support of the fascia.  The end panels were cut and nailed on each peak.  The fascia boards were cut and nailed in place.

We are ready for the roof.


Gold Tooth Dave gave blood to the project!


On the third "Work Day - May 8th", Saturday, the construction crew got another early start on the pavilion.  First the tar paper had to be stapled down around the edges where the metal roofing might touch treated lumber. Next, each sheet of metal roofing was measured and marked for the placement of the screws that attach the roof.  Then each roof sheet was lifted, aligned and attached to the supports.  Finally, the end caps and roof caps were added.


This was quite an amazing work day.  The weather was not the best for construction.  Temperature was in the 50's with a strong NW wind gusting up to 40 MPH and with periods of rain.

Thanks to Spring Valley Cathy for the third great lunch!


On Monday May 10th, Cree Vicar Dave started the day by attaching the legs on several donated tables.  Wolverine Wrangler began to level the grounds inside the pavilion.  Soon Kid Al Fred and Mt. Forest Ron arrived with a large load of wood chips.  This load and 2 more truck loads were spread under the pavilion and most of the loading tables.  As this work crew was ready to leave for the day, Riverview Rattler arrived to mow the grass.

The pavilion is finished for now.

The pavilion construction crew: (L to R) Wolverine Wrangler, Kid Al Fred, Isaac LaBeau, Gold Tooth Dave, Cree Vicar Dave and Mt. Forest Ron.  Other helpers missing from the photo are Riverview Rattler, Grizzly Bear Pete, Square Shake Lake, Spring Valley Cathy, Lady Bluebird, Indian Paint Brush and The Vicar's Wife .


Photos taken by Wolverine Wrangler and the last one by The Vicar's Wife.